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Get Rid of Duplicates from iTunes Easily

Tune Sweeper is an ideal tool for people who have amassed a large number of music files in their iTunes library but cannot really keep track of the unique files. Any iTunes library can be cleaned manually, but that would take significant time and effort. Tune Sweeper automates that process.

Quick Search

iTunes has built-in duplicate file finding functionality, but that only lets you list out the duplicate audio files. You cannot individually select the tracks to delete. Tune Sweeper fills in by letting you quickly and thoroughly search your library and group the duplicate tracks. You may then choose the tracks you’d want to keep and the ones you would like to delete. The tool can automatically make selections based on track duration, quality, playing frequency, etc. You may even back up the deleted tracks if you choose to.

Enhances Your iTunes Experience

Besides letting you clean up and organize your iTunes music library, Tune Sweeper also makes sure your iTunes runs smoother after the tidying up. There is also the ability to locate and remove missing iTunes tracks. By the way, a ‘missing track’ is essentially a file that is part of your library but is not on your hard drive. Tune Sweeper lets you safely remove such missing files and ensures you do not come across ‘file not found’ errors when you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Tune Sweeper lets you clean up your iTunes by deleting duplicate songs, fixing track info and downloading album art.

Tune Sweeper 4 is an easy to use utility which lets you quickly and easily clean up your iTunes Library. Tune Sweeper can scan your iTunes library for duplicate tracks based on your preferred search criteria. It displays your iTunes duplicates in groups so that you can easily select which of the tracks you want to remove from your iTunes at the click of a button. To help users tidy up their iTunes library further, Tune Sweeper also contains the ability to find and delete missing tracks in iTunes, as well as being able to locate any tracks on your hard drive which are not currently in iTunes and add them to your library if required. Tune Sweeper 4 can also find and download any incorrect track data for your songs, fixing any tracks labelled “track 01”, “track 02” etc. Furthermore, Tune Sweeper can download any missing album artwork for you to complete your music collection, as well as allowing users to view a quick overview of their iTunes statistics. Tune Sweeper is compatible all versions of iTunes.

Tune Sweeper app can also fix incorrect or missing track information. Tune Sweeper uses an advanced digital fingerprinting algorithm to identify tracks that have incorrect or missing metadata. Once each track has been identified from a database of over thirty-five million tracks, the obtained track information can be stored to the file and instantly updated in iTunes. If multiple potential releases are identified for a track, Tune Sweeper allows users to select their preferred match or even edit the metadata manually.

Tune Sweeper will also identify and download the appropriate artwork for any of your tracks in iTunes that currently have none, as well as identifying tracks from Apple Music, making it easy to see which songs will vanish from iTunes if users cancel their Apple Music subscription.


  • Versatile search functionality
  • Easy-to-navigate tabbed interface
  • Downloads missing artwork
  • Fixes incorrect tags


  • Not freeware
  • The trial version comes with limited functionality
  • Can take some time to read large iTunes library
  • Could come up with incorrect information

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Tune Sweeper


Tune Sweeper 4.36 for PC

User reviews about Tune Sweeper

  • Megan Price

    by Megan Price

    Worked great, used to clean up duplicates from iTunes and tidy up my library.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Can help to remove duplicates automatically sometimes.
    Duplicated music has been an issue for my iTune owing to unknown reason. NMore

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